Immortals Progressive Tower

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Author: SteamWorkshop
First Uploaded: 2023-07-18
Last Updated: 2023-07-18


Boost Your Coverage as you climb through 20 unique levels in the most comprehensive test of skills ever created for Rocket League. Speed, timing, shot accuracy, aerial control, boost usage, and much more will be pushed to the absolute limit.

This map utilizes Blaku's Map Expansion Plugin to save your times in between loads! The ID for the plugin is 294.

Contest Details:
- $1,000 to the fastest person in 24 hours (Ends 7/18 9am PST)
- $4,000 to the fastest people after 2 weeks (Ends 7/31)
- 1st: $2,500
- 2nd: $1,000
- 3rd: $500

All submitted runs will be validated by the Rocket League Speedrun Community. Please see this site for submissions and the full list of rules.