ThundaSurges Rings

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Author: ThundaSurge
First Uploaded: 2023-04-20
Last Updated: 2023-04-20


This map is made to be a challenging rings map. It includes many levels that require tight car control and the use of flips. Be prepared to have to spend some time practicing individual levels if you want to beat this map without making a mistake. I had multiple people help with testing the map, you can see their names in the starting hub as well as people I credit for various things. I will give a special shout out to blaku for helping me with everything including kismet, flash, and testing as the map wouldn't be the same without his involvement.

Helpful things to know beforehand include...

-There are 15 levels and 1000 rings to fly through. (Note: You have to finish each level to stop the in-game timer.)

-There are no death planes. If you fly around a ring by mistake, you can hit the "reset shot" button to re-spawn at the beginning of the current level. (Make sure you have "reset shot" bound in the settings.) This will simulate having a death trigger. You can also just fly back to the ring you missed if you really want to.

-D-pad left/right can be used to skip to a different level. (Note that skipping levels will prevent the timer from stopping at the end of the map.)

-Holding down "reset shot" for 2 seconds resets the timer and sends you back to the start of the map.

-The map is supposed to be played in freeplay with unlimited boost on.

-THIS MAP IS TOO LARGE FOR MULTIPLAYER. (Each player would have to run a separate instance of the map locally if you wanted to race a friend.)

-Make sure Dynamic Shadows is unchecked in the video settings. It adds a lot of lag in custom maps and especially this one. All other video settings are fine to leave on to my knowledge, but this map is quite large and you may want to turn off some of the other video settings if you notice frame rate issues.