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Author: tjbrother
First Uploaded: 2023-04-09
Last Updated: 2023-04-09


Dog is man's best friend. You're the dog... Fetch!

The dog owner rewards you for bringing the ball back, especially if you did all the work.

Game Rules
- Both teams are trying to score on the same net.
- Last team to touch the ball scores.
- Scoring is based on your team's possession time. (75% of possession time == 75 points)
- The Map Expansion Plugin is required.

- Unlimited Boost

- The host has a scoreboard that shows score, possession time, possession percentage, and which team has possession of the ball.
- Using Match Admin will cap the scores to 99. Host can see the correct score.
- Goals don't count unless a team has possession of the ball. You'll have to touch the ball and then bring it out of the net in order to score.