Haunted Hallows Escape Bundle

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Author: SteamWorkshop
First Uploaded: 2022-11-03
Last Updated: 2022-11-03


This is the full bundle to play Haunted Hallows

Haunted Hallows Escape - Part 1
A Mysterious Invitation
You've been invited to the Haunted Hallows Manor! What will await you?

Haunted Hallows Escape - Part 2
The Ghosts of Haunted Hallows
Discover the ghosts of Haunted Hallows as they move before your very eyes!

Haunted Hallows Escape - Part 3
Paper Over the Cracks
What do the notes mean? Find out in Part 3 of Haunted Hallows Escape!

Haunted Hallows Escape - Part 4
The Final Game
There is one thing left in store. Are you up to the challenge?

Rules and Instructions
▪️ No Spectating at any time.
▪️ Only 2 players can be in the match. Both must join Blue Team.
▪️ Only one person can interact with something at a time.
▪️ If it doesn't allow you to interact, drive away and towards it again.
▪️ Demolitions will cancel every interaction.
▪️ Use Party Chat to write things down! In Party Chat you can scroll so you can keep more than 8 messages.
▪️ Most Importantly, GLHF!
Recommended Settings
▪️ Game Mode: Soccar
▪️ Max Score: 1
▪️ Boost: Default

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