1500 Eversaxs Olympics - made by gidek

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Author: SteamWorkshop
First Uploaded: 2022-10-02
Last Updated: 2022-10-08


Hello and welcome to the Eversax's Olympics!

This map is made to challenge you in every aspects of the game !

There is 1500€ to win on this map,
Join the discord for more info! [discord.gg]

You will find 8 different challenges created to test and improve yourself as a player.
The map comes in two different modes.

1) The Olympic Run : A 25 minute mode where you will be tested in 8 challenges. Each challenge will give you a score out of 10 and at the end an average of 80.

2) The training mode : A free mode where you can train each challenge with unlimited time.

We strongly advise you to try an Olympic run the first time you play the map and then training on your weaknesses afterwards !

Feel free to create any kind of content around the map on socials or even share it here in this discord. If you do, please mention us, it would be really appreciated

A huge thanks again to Teufeurs who helped fund this map with a huge donation of 2500€ ❤️



Funder/Original Idea: Eversax
Game Designer/Level Designer/Programmer : gidek
Environment Artist: Sapik

We all worked a lot for this project, I put below all our socials feel free to follow them to give us strength